Wigethio Partners

Wigethio has partnered up with prestigious universities across London in the United Kingdom.

Middlesex University - UK

Based in London, Middlesex University is a progressive learning institution that puts its core focus on students. They provide expert teaching which is gathered by inspiring research and practice. With over 19,900 staff members from 140 different countries, Middlesex University strives to offer top quality education to not only students on campus, but to those studying abroad as well. For more information on Middlesex University, visit http://www.mdx.ac.uk.
Coventry University - UK

Located in Coventry, Coventry University is a forward-thinking, modern university that offers high-quality education with a focus on applied research to students across the UK and abroad. Students are encouraged to develop their own unique methods as they work through theoretical and practical topics. Coventry University makes use of innovative technologies to make the learning experience more exciting and dynamic. For more information on Coventry University, visit http://www.coventry.ac.uk.