Postgraduate Studying at Wigethio

Broaden your knowledge, expand your skills and enhance your CV by completing a postgraduate course. A postgraduate degree gives you a competitive edge in the job market and also develops your interchangeable skills such as communication, critical thinking, organisation, problem-solving, research and time management. A postgraduate degree also gives you the opportunity to master your profession or practice a specialist interest.

Master's Degree

Completing your masters may increase your chances in your career prospect. If you are looking for a job in the academic industry, then completing your masters is the next step. Whatever your goals may be, completing your master's degree is a great way to expand your knowledge base and skills.

Master of Business Administration - MBA

If you are looking to advance your knowledge of business management, then an MBA is perfect. It covers a wide range of topics including human relations, accounting, finance, operations and management. The purpose of an MBA is to prepare individuals to become creative and progressive managers in various sectors.

Masters of Business Administration

Professionals with an MBA are highly sought after as they bring business knowledge and innovation to a company.
Completing your MBA means that opportunities in various sectors will be opened and you will develop the skills needed to advance in your career.

Accounting and Finance

If you wish to play a vital role in the economy, then our Masters of Accounting and Finance is ideal. Not only will you gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, but you will learn to understand management concepts within a business and so much more.

Public Administration

If you’re seeking a career in the public sector or in a non-governmental orginsation (NGO) then the Master of Public Administration degree will broaden your knowledge and expand your skills needed for the public sector environment.

Masters of Economics

Economics plays an important role in various sectors including banking, finance, public policy, education and healthcare. A Masters of Economics degree covers a range of topics such as the production, consumption and pricing of goods and services.

Project Management

Professionals who have obtained a Masters of Project Management have been provided with relevant, high-level project management education. Various topics are covered including strategy, financing, cost management and legal issues.

Leadership and Governance

A Masters of Leadership and Governance will educate you on effective strategies and oversight, appropriate plans and policies and relevant regulation practices to help an organisation in achieving desired results.