About Wigethio

Through our vast experience of teaching in universities and knowledge of the regulation is Ethiopia we have found Wigethio which is cross border distance education in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Even though there are over 120 private colleges and universities across Ethiopia for BA degree courses, there are only two distance study programmes and institutions.

As the Ethiopian population exceeds over 100 million, the need for higher education programmes are essential. In 2003, the ministry of education established the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) to reform and expand the higher education sector in Ethiopia.


Since then, HERQA has been assuring the quality of study through accreditation as well as through institutional quality audits. Unfortunately, there are limited to regular distance programmes offered by local Higher Education Institutes. Recently, HERQA has allowed for more cross border higher education at master's degree levels.

This decision comes after extensive research was done. The researchers noted that there are a lot of students with a BA degree who are already working. For those who are working within the private sector finds it slightly easier to continue their study. For others, the majority, find that is it almost impossible to continue their study towards a masters degree. Not because they aren’t able to afford it, but that they don’t have the time to go to lectures.
The research showed a large number of students who want to continue their study to better themselves and their country. As a result, students prefer open study. Distance study is also the only method allowed in the public sector.

The ministry of education fully supports Wigethio as we all understand the value of education. Find out more about HERQA or if you are interested in postgraduate studying, see what Wigethio has to offer.